WaterWipes Baby Wipes 720 Count (12 packs)

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Brand WaterWipes
Skin type All, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Normal
Material feature Disposable, GMO Free, Cruelty Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Unit count 720 count
Number of items 12


WaterWipes Plastic-Free Original Baby Wipes, 720 Count (12 packs), 99.9% Water Based Wipes, Unscented for Sensitive Skin

About this item

  • PURE, SIMPLE FORMULA: Our unscented Original baby wipes gently clean and help protect baby’s delicate skin with just 2 ingredients: 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract.
  • SAFE FOR PREMATURE & NEWBORN SKIN: Made using minimal ingredients, our wipes are suitable for delicate, premature & newborn skin. Whether you use them as nappy wipes or for everyday purposes, WaterWipes are ideal for all skin types.
  • PLANT-BASED WIPES: Our Original baby wipes are plant-based and plastic-free**. Plus, they’re unscented, and contain no artificial fragrances or colours.
  • TRUSTED BY DERMATOLOGISTS: Suitable for use on eczema-prone skin and allergy sufferers, WaterWipes are approved by Allergy UK & the Skin Health Alliance and registered by the Vegan Society.
  • MORE EVERYDAY USES: WaterWipes are versatile for adults, pets, and surfaces too. These disposable wet wipes are ideal for cleaning small messes, refreshing skin, and wiping pets’ paws, making them a convenient travel essential for on-the-go use.

From the manufacturer

waterwipes baby wipes gently cleans & helps protect delicate newborn skin
waterwipes baby wipes

Gentle on sensitive skin

When babies are born, their skin is much thinner than an adult’s. These gentle and soft wipes are ideal for premature, newborn and sensitive skin.

Plastic Free no link

Plastic free wipes

WaterWipes are Plastic-Free and plant-based. Made with the 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract for a gentle & effective clean.

Claims with dates

Approved and accepted brand

Approved by Allergy UK since 2017. Approved by Skin Health Alliance since 2020.

waterwipes has just 2 ingredients

Pure and simple ingredients

While other wipes have as many as 12 ingredients, WaterWipes Original Wipes are made using only 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract.

waterwipes allergy friendly plastic free baby wipes

waterwipes vegan wipes. all wipes made using green energy

plastic-free and plant-based wipes

WaterWipes are made from 100% viscose, a natural wood pulp fibre that is a renewable, plant-based material, and are plastic-free.

waterwipes undergo a 7 stage purification process for a deeper & more effective clean

purified water for a deeper, more effective clean*

WaterWipes are made using a unique 7-step purification process that helps lower the surface tension of our water, resulting in a deeper, more effective clean.

*When compared to cotton wool and water. WaterWipes data on file, 2020.


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