Northlight 100-Count Red and Pure White Faceted LED C9 Christmas Lights 66ft Green Wire

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Model # 32614131


Create a dazzling holiday display with these faceted LED C9 Christmas lights. With a lengthy green wire these lights will easily wrap around trees bannisters and rooftops to add a festive touch to your home. The faceted design of the bulbs creates a beautiful sparkling effect that will delight your family and guests. With energy-efficient LED technology you can enjoy the beauty of these lights without worrying about your electricity bill. Make your home shine bright this holiday season with these stunning red and white LED Christmas lights. Product Features: Color: red and pure white bulbs / green wire. Number of bulbs on string: 100. Bulb size: C9. Spacing between each bulb: 8″. Lighted length: 66′. Total length: 72′. 6″ lead cord (from the plug to the first bulb). 6″ tail cord. Additional Product Features: LED lights use 90% less energy. Durable non-glass replaceable bulbs. Cool to the touch. Lights are equipped with a clip on the base of each bulb so that you can easily attach the lights to trees bushes and more! UL certified and approved for indoor or outdoor use. If one bulb burns out the rest will stay lit. Replacement bulbs and spare fuses included. Contains end-to-end connectors which allow you to connect up to 43 sets together (not to exceed 210 watts). Wire gauge: 22. 20 volts 60 hertz 0.06 amps 4.8 watts

  1. 100 retro C9 red and white faceted string lights
  1. LED lights use 90 percent less energy
  1. Spacing between each bulb 8 inches
  1. UL certified and approved for indoor and outdoor use
  1. Total length of light strand is 66 feet long


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