Moss-Go Trade Strength Patio Cleaner 5L

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Brand Mifica
Item weight 5 Kilograms
Liquid volume 5 Litres
Item form Spray
Active ingredients boric acid


Moss-Go Moss TRADE STRENGH Patio Cleaner, MOULD REMOVER, Driveway Cleaner, Path Cleaner SPRAY AND WALK AWAY LASTS 12 months

About this item

  • Moss-Go can be used as a Moss Killer for Driveways, Moss Killer for Roofs, Moss Killer for Paths, Moss killer for Patios. Unlike homemade products using bleach, boric acid etc. Moss-Go is formulated to kill moss and algae on contact with minimal effort.
  • 100% safe- Formulated to be safe around pets and children. No need to cordon off areas after application
  • Wet and Forget & Spray and walk away- Moss-Go Moss Killer will keep working for over 12 months stopping re-growth. The unique application allows you to apply it to the area and forget meaning its now labour intensive like many products on the market.
  • Trade strength- Moss-Go is a trade strength moss killer product formulated to be more concentrated than other products on the market. Moss Go Moss Killer for Driveways, Patios, Roofs and Paths will kill all moss leaving it dry and able to be swept up. Moss-Go moss remover killer will continue working for over 12 months to stop re-growth.
  • Every 5ltrs will treat 100-200 square meters. Moss Go Moss Killer for Driveways is the most concentrated product on the market. For General/light use 5ltrs can be mixed with 100ltrs of water. For extreme cases mix 5ltrs with a further 25ltrs of water.

Product Description

moss remover


Moss-Go is a specially formulated Moss Killer ideal for use as a cleaning agent to remove moss from Driveways, paths, patios, roofs and other areas.

Specially formulated-Formulated with a strong mixture of soluble chemical salts Moss-Go was developed in conjunction with a leading UK University to combat unwanted moss and algal growth.

Safe- Moss-Go Moss Killer is safe to use around children and pets . Treated areas can be walked on 1 hour after application.

Trade Strength- Moss Go Moss Killer is a high strength formulation and can be diluted up to 20 times for light and general use. Used in industry the formulation is designed to be powerful and long lasting.





Easy to Measure

Moss-Go Moss Killer and Remover goes a long way.

For light use the mixture can be mixed 1 part Moss-Go to 20 parts water.

For heavy duty use in areas where there is a large build up of Moss, Lichens and algae the mixture should be mixed at 1 part to 5 parts water.

Easy to apply

When applying check the forecast to ensure heavy rain is not due.

Make sure all areas with Moss growth are covered in the diluted solution using a watering can or lance sprayer to apply.

For best results use a lance sprayer, this will reduce waste and ensure an even application.

Spray and Walk Away !

Once the area with Moss growth is fully treated leave the area for 1 hour.

After 1 hour the area can be walked on as per usual.


Moss-Go once dried will stay active stopping regrowth.

Lasts for over 12 months

Moss-Go Moss Killer lasts for over 12 months and will continue to stop moss and lichens from re-growing on the treated areas. Follow up treatments can be carried out at weaker dilutions.


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