LEGO Art Floral Art 31207 Botanical Building Set

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Brand LEGO
Manufacturer Minimum Age (MONTHS) 216.0
Material Plastic
Colour Multicolor
Educational objective Creative Thinking
Number of pieces 2870
Theme Floral
Cartoon character Flowers
Sub brand LEGO ART
Special feature 3 Designs in 1
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Open botanical creativity awaits in this LEGO Art Floral Art (31207) 3in1 wall kit. Spark your joy with a gorgeous, handmade project bringing bold colors and design possibilities into your home as you build. With this LEGO Flower arts and crafts set for adults, you can let your imagination bloom with your own motif. Enjoy a zone of joyful zen filled with flowers, peace and stress relief as you click each piece into place. With 1 picture, 3 choices and many artistic possibilities you will discover the creative options inside as soon as you open the box. Choose the LEGO flowers and color variants, then design, create and show them off. Finish the flower wall art with a brick-built frame in white, then display it with pride on a wall or shelf. This botanical creative activity makes a fab gift idea for budding artists, flower lovers and all adult LEGO fans. Welcome to your zone of creativity. Welcome to LEGO sets for adults. A space to relax and build detailed decor pieces that pay homage to the worlds of art, nature, entertainment, travel, gaming, sports, science, technology, motorsports and history. This LEGO Art set measures over 15.5 in. (40 cm) high and 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide. Contains 2,870 Pieces.

From the manufacturer


Spark joy and decorate with handmade art

Celebrate a passion for color and nature with this LEGO Art set. Choose a motif and build a piece that complements your home.


1 picture, 3 designs, many variations

With 15 different possible combinations to choose from, this set will make the perfect addition to a home gallery wall.

LEGO Art Floral Art




Bring nature indoors

Add a joyful splash of color and flowers to your walls.

Fit your decor or preference

The harmonized palette lets you adjust colors easily.

Retro inspiration, modern take

Floral wall art inspired by vintage botanical illustrations.


Build your passion with joy and color

Love flowers or home decor? Fulfill your passion with a truly joyful building experience, packed with color and creativity.


Art that will add positivity and joy anywhere

Designed to spark creativity, this LEGO Art set offers 2,870 pieces of positivity and brightness to add joy to your home.


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