Adams Arms Voodoo Glock 19 Threaded 9mm Barrel FGAV-47000

USD $ 65

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The VooVoo Innovations Glock 19 9mm Match Grade Barrel is designed as an improved drop-in fit barrel for the Glock 19. The VDI 19 Barrel is machined to tighter fitment tolerances to increase accuracy potential without the need of gunsmith fitting. The barrel features a SAAMI spec 9mm Match chambering Match Grade Rifling to allow the use of any 9mm projectile (not just jacketed bullets) threaded x 28 TPI for use with 9mm suppressors and compensators machined from 416R stainless steel and Finished in Voodoo Innovations LifeCoat process.

VDI Thread Protector. – 9mm Match Grade Drop-in Barrel – SAAMI Spec 9mm Match Chambering – Tighter Tolerances for Accuracy – Match Grade Rifling: Allows for use of any 9mm projectile not just jacketed bullets – LifeCoat Finish: Melonite & PVD – Threaded with Protector: x 28 TPI for Compensators and Suppressors – SPECIFICATIONS – 416R Stainless Steel – 1:16 Twist – Chambered 9x19mm – Compatible with Glock 19 slide and frame


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